No Meat... Just The Gravy, Maybe?

It might be on-trend but for years it's been a way of life for lots of families. When others would wait in the long line at the party while the kitchen replenished the chicken. A few select would gladly help themselves to vegetables.
Feb 2018

You inherit more than good looks.  Your eating habits, to an extent, are dictated by dietary influences. You can still hear the echoes of childhood dinners; "Eat your veg". In a non-meat household, you'll only hear "eat".

An increasing number of children are now born into non-meat-eating households which will become their norm.  Many schools have adopted a vegetarian menu. Meat is not even an option. Is this the way forward to a healthier population?
Do we anticipate a time when being meat-free will not be the manifestation of a social statement, a lifestyle choice or another form of virtue signalling, it will just be how we live?

Of course, there are arguments on the otherside; convenience, affordable, health, tradition or just pure lack of will. When was the last time you went home and your virtues were knocked for six at first whiff of a home cooked beef casserole that instantly teleported you to your childhood?

Yes, the flesh may be weak [excuse the pun] but bear this thought. Our physiology is not designed for meat consumption. As a friend once asked, “when was the last time you salivated over uncooked meat? – Probably not the best example, if you have been to a “nouvelle cuisine" restaurant and ask for steak; but I think you get the point. We are not meat eaters by design.

But let's not digress. This is not an attempt to condemn or convert anyone, far from it. It is simply an observation of a natural phenomenon and recognising it as such and nothing else. As the saying goes, “You are what you eat” – So vegetable or beast?  Vivre la deference.